What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth designed to replace the missing teeth that have been lost as a result of tooth diseases, and injuries, among other causes. The beauty of dentures is that they can be taken on and off the mouth. Dentures are customized to fit tightly with the shape and size of the patient jaws and rest across the gums to substitute any missing teeth.

Dentures have proved to be a long-term solution for people who have lost their teeth to decay or injury and are experiencing difficulties while chewing, eating, or even talking as a result. Dentures are available in two forms: partial and complete set dentures. Partial dentures are designed to replace one or a few missing teeth, while full dentures are used to replace the whole set of lower or upper teeth.

Dentures are typically attached to the wearer’s jaws by a trained clinical dental practitioner, like Dr. Steven Sutherland. The dentist uses impressions (molds) of the mouth to take measurements. The same measures are used in the creation of dentures. Dentures are attached to the jaws right away after the teeth are removed so as to restore your smile.

However, this might not be the case if there is gum inflammation or injury, as this must be addressed before they can be fitted.

What are the benefits of getting dentures?

Dentures provide several benefits for people who have lost one or several of their natural teeth. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits you can get by opting for dentures.

Enhance the Look of Your Smile

No doubt, missing teeth can devastate the beauty of a smile. Most people with missing teeth are self-conscious about opening their mouths because they are discontented with their appearance. The good news is that dentures can help them regain confidence in their appearance.

These artificial teeth offer a realistic aesthetic that resembles your natural teeth, so you can open your mouth without minding what other people have to say about you. In addition, dentures minimize sagging in your face, which can further help maintain a youthful look.

They Are Designed Specifically for Your Mouth

The dental technician creates dentures purposely for you so that they can fit perfectly on your mouth. This allows you to chew, eat, and even talk without any discomfort. The technician usually takes a mold of your mouth to come up with a tooth or teeth that mimic your natural teeth. If your jawbone keeps changing, the dentist can develop a new pair of dentures purposely for you.

Easy to Clean

Since dentures can be taken on and off, you can maintain a rigorous oral hygiene routine with minimal ease. With a special denture cleaner and soft-bristle toothbrush, you can easily keep your dentures clean and devoid of plaque and bacteria that can give birth to gum cause.

Who is Eligible for Dentures?

Those Who Have Lost Nearly All Their Teeth

If you still have a few healthy teeth, your dentist may opt not to extract them to pave the way for a complete denture. With a partial denture, a dental practitioner can substitute the missing teeth while retaining the existing ones. In addition, they can help strengthen the remaining natural teeth, which will eventually optimize your long-term oral health by helping you maintain your natural tooth structure.

Those Who Have Lost All Their Teeth

If you have lost all of your natural teeth, then you are a candidate for a complete denture. This applies to both the upper and/or lower dental ridge. If you have endured total tooth loss in your jaws, the complete dentures can help restore the ability to eat your food and talk without any issues.