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Membership - Information for Prospective Members
We appreciate your interest in the LEE COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY, INC.!

The LEE COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY, INC. is a well organized group of local Dental Professionals. Monthly meetings are held in which guest lecturers present and discuss various topics to the organization. This provides an opportunity to meet with the local dentists in the area, to further your dental education and exchange ideas. In addition to the monthly professional meetings, there are several social events that are made available during the year. We feel the Lee County Dental Society will provide you with an avenue for professional growth and social comradery.

To apply for membership, a dentist must first be a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association and the West Coast District Dental Association. For information about membership, you may visit our website at www.floridadental.org to download or print and application. You may also call our main office number at 850-681-3629 / 800-877-9922 or email us for information at membership@floridadental.org. Once these memberships are completed and we have your application to the Lee County Dental Society on file, your application is first voted on by the Executive Council, then the general membership. Until your LCDS application is approved, you may attend the monthly meetings for the applicant fee of $40.00 per meeting. Membership dues are $225.00 per year and will be prorated upon approval. The non-member fee to attend meetings is $75.00.

Click HERE to download and print our membership application. If you are unable to download and print this application, please contact our Executive Director, Cinda Collmer at 239-936-9240. If you have questions regarding the application process or other matters that we can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

President: Dr. Joseph Mitchell
Immed. Past President: Dr. Heather Adu-Sarkodie
V. Pres. & Program Chair:  Dr. Yolanda Kieser
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Andrea Mier Parsons

Dr. Heather Adu-Sarkodie                                                            
Dr. Diana Barajas                                                                        
Dr. Peter Gostout                                                                        
Dr. Michele Laboda                                                                      
Dr. Andrea Mier Parsons
Dr. Joseph Mitchell                                                                       
Dr. Jennifer Taschner                                                                    

Dr. Sudhanshu Desai                                                                     
Dr. Ken Jandik                                                                              
Dr. William (Billy) Truax, III                                                             
Dr. Peter Gostout – alternate
Dr. Michele Laboda – alternate                                                        
Dr. Jennifer Taschner – alternate

Membership & Retention Chair: Dr. Jennifer Taschner
Professional Relations Chair (Peer Review): Dr. Deirdre Catlin                                                                      
Ethics Chair: Dr. Deirdre Catlin
Children’s Dental Health Co-Chairmen: Dr. John Richards & Dr. Oliver Favalli
Dental Hygiene & Assisting Advisory Board: Dr. Deirdre Catlin

President: Dr. William Truax, II
Vice President: Dr. Nicholas Dundee
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Ken Jandik
Board Members: Phil Gaylor, Richard Hall, Leah Kirby, Michael Rich, Dr. Billy Truax III, Pastor Jon Zehnder, Anne Scott, Barney Pultz

Executive Director for LCDS & PDC: Cinda Collmer
Email – leecodental@hotmail.com


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